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The Cyprus Government, in order to encourage foreign investments, offers immigration programs with which investors can acquire residence permits or the citizenship of the Republic of Cyprus.
These programs have been particularly popular for a number of reasons:
     -   The unstable political environment in certain countries
     -   The extremely favourable tax regime in Cyprus
     -   The benefits of having EU residency or citizenship as Cyprus is a full member of the EU and the               Eurozone
     -   The exceptional infrastructure of Cyprus which has established it as a reputable financial centre
     -   Cyprus provides an excellent place to work and live due to its safe environment and ideal climate
According to these programs, foreign citizens can obtain:

Cyprus Permanent Residency

Non EU citizens who purchase a house or apartment in Cyprus worth at least €300.000 are entitled to a permanent residence permit for themselves and their families provided that they fulfill the same conditions as the ones required for temporary residence permits and that they have adequate foreign income to support them and their families.
To download our "Cyprus Permanent Residency" brochure please Click Here


Cyprus (European) Citizenship Program


A Cyprus citizenship (only 3 months to complete) by investing a minimum of €2,000,000. Investors must always keep a permanent residence of a minimum value of €500,000, whereas, the remaining investment may be sold after 3 years.


Please note that the above programs also qualify the main applicant’s spouse and children for residence permits and citizenship.
The main applicant’s parent are also entitled to apply for Cyprus Citizenship provided that they own a permanent residence in Cyprus of at least €500,000 or they jointly own with the main applicant a residence of at least €1,000,000
To download our "Cyprus Citizenship Program" brochure please Click Here


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